Modern mistakes

If you’re in your teenage years listening to social media you’re thinking it’s perfectly alright for me to try things out and live freely. I am here to advise you that by listening to social media you are making huge mistakes. Let’s start with having sex during junior or high school. Even though your body may be screaming yes simply don’t do it. The damage of having sex with some loser during these years can bring you sexual hangups for the rest of your life. Simply stay away from sex altogether. You’ll thank me later. As for friends. Your only friend during junior high school and high school is your school work. Regardless if you’re growing up in a big city or a small town your studies are your best friend and your only friend. It’s not your iPhone, not iPod, not sports, not your friends who are mixed up in wearing whatever trend is considered hot. No. It is your studies. Your grades will determine where you go in life. At age 14, you need to get your working papers. With this you begin to build yourself. This will separate you from your idiot peers. You can volunteer or work as a receptionist at your area nursing home, volunteer or work at your local hospital. 15 for New Hampshire, 16 we get our license permit. By now if you haven’t screwed up yet the pressure is really on to screw up now. At this point the huge partying starts. Ignore boys who are older than you, ignore boys your age too because all they want is sex. They can look to someone else for sexual pleasures. You control your feelings and utilize masturbation. It’s much easier than peeing on a stick like the other girls or praying your period comes. After school look at various programs in and around your non for profit agencies. From age 14 you can be a youth advocate, peer educator, age 16 you can be an errand runner, you can gain training from crisis agencies. Try and really connect with your community if you haven’t with your family. Keep your grades up. Age 16, start to figure out what you’re comfortable with work wise. Age 16, register for and grab a calendar from Staples and jot down scholarship deadlines. Start figuring out important paperwork such as your parents tax information ahead of time. Because January of the year you graduate you need to fill out your FAfSA form. Keep your grades up. Start leaning toward teachers for letters of recommendations. If you’ve changed volunteer opportunities always leave on good terms. Prior to leaving make sure you get at least five peoples contact information. I don’t mean their email. I mean their full name, address, tel no. And yes email. Get another letter of recommendation before leaving each volunteer or work opportunity. Try and be helpful to other people. Be genuine. Be calm. Sometimes teenagers can have all this pumped up energy and think Jersey Shore is the proper way to act or raising your voice is perfectly ok. Wrong. It’s not. If that’s considered normal in your family I’m here to tell you it’s not. Get a brain. Quickly. You should be up to prom time by now. By the month of May you should have already paid for your limo, tailored your dress, have a backup date (not someone from school) and have all your business in order. FAfSA has been filed with all your choices for college, by keeping your grades up you would have completed all your Advanced Courses and taken state tests to grant you college credit in high school. You should know that community college is ok to earn your credits before transferring to SUNY or any other. Your package should be coming soon with your offer of pell grant, notification of scholarships won, utilize funding sites, and you know you’re ahead of the game because if you’ve done everything right your first semester of core credits are completed and you’re walking into college with an entire semester under your belt. You’re not pregnant. You’re a socially responsible young adult who doesn’t get wasted and you can walk proudly on stage without any sexual hangups like your peers. You are vibrant, young and the world is yours to devour.


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